A star in the night.
An ancient prophecy. A secret sect of religious fanatics.
A murderous conspiracy. A looming rebellion.
Never before Roma has been so close to the brink of disaster!

Don’t believe what you are told.
The birth of the Christ was much more than only the beginning of a new religion.
In a battle of powers of old it was a well planned part of a long schemed conspiracy that was about to throw the whole ancient world into war.

In a breathless chase from Roma to Rhodos, Tyros, Caesarea, Ierusalem, Qumran, Bethlehem and the sacred places of the Iudean wilderness, Maria Sabina, a young intelligent virgin of Vesta and Ingwulf, a fierce and battle-skilled Praetorian, have to unravel that conspiracy, avenge the brutal murder of Maria’s father and free Roman hostages from the hands of the conspirators by solving an enigmatic mystery with the help of the holy scriptures of Iudea and the study of the true history of the world.

During their hazardous mission that leads them to the court of King Herod and onto the trail of a secret sect, the priestess and the soldier are hunted themselves by a ruthless assassin and have to join forces with three dubious Parthian Illuminati – who draw their own dark plans for the prophesied advent of the ‘King of Kings’.

The virgin's and the warrior's relentless hunt for the truth behind the truth behind the truth culminates in the birth of the Christ, the horrible murder of the children of Bethlehem and the terrible battle of Ierusalem

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